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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions

Easy and Pain-free Tooth Extractions

Severely damaged teeth cannot be saved and must be extracted to maintain overall oral health. A tooth extraction is a simple outpatient procedure performed by a dentist under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and best results.

Tooth Extraction

Why Extractions?

Our dentists always strive to preserve natural teeth for optimal oral health through restorative procedures, butin some cases extractions are

necessary, even if it is a last resort. There are cases. Problems such as severe cavities, complications with wisdom teeth, periodontal disease, and severe tooth injuries are all cases that require tooth extraction.

Whether you’re currently in pain and need an emergency tooth extraction, or you’ve been told your tooth needs to be removed and need a second opinion, we can help.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction Benefits:

Tooth extraction offers a number of benefits.

Possible way to get rid off damaged tooth

An infection in the tooth could rapidly spread making it harder to treat. lf Left untreated, a decayed or damaged tooth can wreak havoc on your smile, causing a domino effect of problems.

Reliving you from the Pain

Tooth extraction can help ease dental pain almost immediately especially if your tooth was severely broken or infected.

Helps you get the beautiful smile

In some cases, Orthodontists may recommend removing a tooth when a patient has crooked teeth because of over crowding ,so that the other teeth can adjust to their proper positions. eventually resulting a beautiful smile

Tooth Extraction

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