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Teeth Cleaning sharjah

Teeth Cleaning

Clean & Polished Smiles.

The corners of the mouth are delicate areas that cannot be reached with regular brushing. For this reason, he recommends scaling and polishing treatments every 3-6 months. We strive to ensure that you leave with a healthy and bright smile after your treatment.

Tooth Cleaning Sharjah

Why Scaling & Polishing?

It is difficult to keep your teeth clean and healthy just by brushing your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning helps prevent plaque buildup, which can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and reduce bad breath. Regular checkups help identify early signs of other dental problems, so this simple step can make a big difference to your overall oral health.

Teeth Scaling

Airflow Cleaning:

Incontrasttostandardcleaning,whichusesonlyastainlessmetalultrasonictip,theairjet cleaning method combines warm water with small powder particles of varyingdensities to removetartarbuildupandstains. Another advantage of the AIRFLOW system is thepropercleaningoftheoralcavity without damaging veneers,crownsorimplants.

A high-power jet filled with the combined mixture can reach biofilms above and below the gingival margin, as well as in hard-to-reach places. Reliably removes stains from virtually all areas of the mouth, improving dental health and ensuring a visibly brighter, healthier smile.

Airflow cleaning

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